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A compelling story of why we need to proceed with an outdoor environment

The mission of Mother Earth Montessori (M.E.M.) is to educate, inspire and assist children and the community. The goal of M.E.M. is to create a unique community based Montessori school for children ages three to six years old. Having a quality preschool program will provide a strong foundation for learning throughout a child’s life. A second goal is to safeguard the earth by bringing understanding of the natural resources on which we all depend for our wellbeing. We hope to encourage the community to conserve and create a better environment through education.

Our proposal for M.E.M. is to start with an outdoor learning environment rather than a building. The rationale for beginning with a playground/outdoor learning environment it twofold. First, one of our goals is to educate the community about the Montessori approach and to engage the families who live near the site of the school. By providing a safe and engaging outdoor area we hope to encourage neighbors to bring their children to play and at the same time give us an opportunity to introduce our proposed Montessori Preschool and the Montessori approach to educating the whole child.  Secondly, by starting outdoors we can begin immediately to engage the community with minimal financial investment; Initial expenses would be for a fenced in area, shade structure, playground equipment and storage facility.

​Montessori can work in an outdoor environment because it is more about the approach and not the physical environment.  ​

Some of the proposed activities are:

  • Garden Area: Parents and children can plant and work together; Lessons in scientific inquiry, botany, nutrition, soils and ecology. The garden also lends itself to ownership of the project. Parents will be able to raise and harvest vegetables to take home and share with their families.

  • Practical Life Area: Lessons on self-care, lessons on care of the environment and lessons in grace and courtesy.  


  • Sand Box: Children can do a number of practical life activities such as pouring, measuring, spooning and building. This would also provide sensorial experiences.

  • Water Table: Practical life activities along with simple science such as sink and float and introducing beginning geography by creating land and water forms.

  • Math Area: recognizing shapes, sizes, counting, identifying quanities, sorting by comparing and classifying, measurement, collecting data and making graphs using pictures.

  • Language Area: A reading area in the shade with a variety of books for children and adults. Literacy will be woven into all areas of the outdoor environment. This area would include vocabulary cards, sandpaper letters, moveable alphabet, activities for labeling the environment, command cards.  Prewriting activities such as coloring, tracing insets and an easel with a chalkboard.

  • Creative Area: Hands on experiences with drawing, painting, sculpting, music, movement and drama.


  • Playground equipment: Slide, merry go round, climbing structure, teeter totter, balance beam, swings and area for games, and teaching cooperative games using balls.

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